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Why should you be custom fit?

The world’s best instructors and players all agree on one thing.  You cannot play to your full potential unless you are using equipment that has been custom fit to your own particular swing requirements.

Chambers Bay Golf Academy offers the exclusive TaylorMade Golf Experience geared to custom fit and provide support services to all golfers, regardless of age or ability. At the intersection of experience and performance, the TaylorMade Golf Experience combines the most advanced technology available with the intricacies of a player’s swing to unify the golfer to their clubs.

Register for our upcoming FREE TaylorMade Golf Experience sessions by clicking date below, or email Ryan Young at

To register for a fitting event, please contact Ryan Young, Director of Instruction, by email at

TaylorMade Wedge Fitting

The fastest way to lower your scores is to improve your short game.  However, even the best technique in the world can’t make up for poor equipment.  Worn grooves, improper loft gapping, poorly fit shafts, and perhaps most important, the wrong bounce and grind can lead to poor results, even with the best swing.

Chambers Bay Golf Academy offers TaylorMade wedge fittings for just $25 (FREE with the purchase of two or more wedges).

This 15-30 minute session will ensure that your wedges are the best they can be.  This means fitting you for:

  • Loft Gapping
  • Bounce/Grind Combination
  • Length
  • Lie Angle
  • Grip Size and Material
  • Shaft (Weight, Material, Flex)

Once ordered, your new wedges will typically arrive within 5-10 business days.

To schedule a TaylorMade wedge fitting, please click here, or contact Jordan Cooper, Academy Instructor, by email at



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